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Uzbekistan develops support system for victims of harassment and violence
14 May 2024, 13:41

Uzbekistan develops support system for victims of harassment and violence

Inson Social Service Centers will assist victims of harassment and violence without requiring a protection order. Victims will receive a protection order within 24 hours of the incident being reported, enabling them to access medical and psychological support at hospitals 24/7.

Almost 4,800 convicted for domestic violence, sexual harassment in Uzbekistan in first quarter
13 April 2024, 10:30

Almost 4,800 convicted for domestic violence, sexual harassment in Uzbekistan in first quarter

In the initial quarter of the current year, 4,477 individuals faced administrative and criminal charges under domestic violence statutes in Uzbekistan. Among them, 318 were convicted of sexual harassment, while 40 were found guilty of disseminating intimate information.

“Adopting this law on criminalization of domestic violence is only half the battle. Implementation is most crucial” — Tanzila Narbayeva
15 March 2024, 13:12

“Adopting this law on criminalization of domestic violence is only half the battle. Implementation is most crucial” — Tanzila Narbayeva

During an interview with UN News, Tanzila Narbayeva, chairperson of the Senate of Uzbekistan, described challenges in passing Central Asia’s first law criminalizing domestic violence and stressed the importance of considering women’s voices in budget allocation and resource distribution.

Uzbek President signs legislation to protect women and minors from violence
11 April 2023, 19:27

Uzbek President signs legislation to protect women and minors from violence

The President signed legislation aimed at protecting women and minors from violence, according to Saida Mirziyoyeva. The legislation not only criminalizes domestic abuse, harassment, and stalking, but also precludes those convicted of sexual violence from receiving parole or leniency in sentencing.

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