On March 25, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev attended iftar during his trip to Namangan, as reported by the press service of the head of state.

“In today’s gathering, we are joined by representatives of the clergy, the elder generation and the public, as we share iftar together. It is as if the entire multinational population of Uzbekistan came together at a table, symbolizing a united family. I think these events foster personal honor and dignity, contributing to the education of the youth in this noble spirit,” the president noted in his address.

The president extended congratulations and wishes for the health and well-being of compatriots abroad. Over 40 religious figures from Uzbekistan have recently visited Russia, the United States, South Korea, Turkey and Egypt to meet with compatriots, according to the message. The purpose was to urge them to preserve their faith and moral values, to be vigilant in the current challenging circumstances and respect the host country laws. Additionally, they provided cautionary guidance against wrongdoings.

Addressing the principle of “Uzbekistan as a social state”, as outlined in the revised Constitution, the president quoted Alisher Navoi: “He who manages to console a grieving heart is like rebuilding the Kaaba.” These words reflect the Islamic principles of compassion and mercy, reminding that every Muslim should wish for their neighbor what they wish for themselves, he commented.

The president concluded his address with the following statement: “May the holy month of Ramadan strengthen peace and stability in our country, in all Muslim states and throughout the world. May brotherhood and mutual respect reign between people and nations. May the strong support the weak, the generous help those in need, and the youth support the elders. May we walk steadfastly on the right path, predestined by our faith, and at the same time keep pace with the times.

“May our youth make themselves known on the world stage, enhancing the stature of our country. May Uzbekistan emerge as one of the most advanced and developed countries in the world. May our fasting be accepted and prayers heard,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

As part of iftar, ayats of the Quran were recited and dua were offered for peace and well-being of the people of Uzbekistan, as stated in the report.