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‘Prilepin's opinion does not even remotely reflect official position of Russian Federation,' Russian MFA claims
21 December 2023, 21:16

‘Prilepin's opinion does not even remotely reflect official position of Russian Federation,' Russian MFA claims

Russian MFA spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that Zakhar Prilepin’s words on Uzbekistan’s annex to Russia “do not even remotely reflect the official position of the Russian Federation.” Earlier, Russian Ambassador to Uzbekistan Oleg Malginov expressed the same perspective.

MFA of Uzbekistan summons Russian ambassador on Prilepin’s commentary on country’s annexation to Russia
21 December 2023, 18:54

MFA of Uzbekistan summons Russian ambassador on Prilepin’s commentary on country’s annexation to Russia

MFA of Uzbekistan invited Russian Ambassador Oleg Malginov on the proposal of Zakhar Prilepin, co-chairman of “A Just Russia — For Truth” party, on the annexation of the republic to the Russian Federation and claimed it to be deliberately provocative, negatively affecting the bilateral relations.

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