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“Give time for people to deliver.” Interview with UK ambassador Timothy Smart
13 June 2024, 10:00

“Give time for people to deliver.” Interview with UK ambassador Timothy Smart

UK Ambassador Timothy Smart in interview with talked about his country’s priorities in the region, importance of data for decision-making and why people should be given time to deliver. The ambassador noted that his knowledge of the Uzbek language helps him understand the country better.

Uzra Zeya: “One of challenges with reform agendas is translating aspirations into actions”
29 May 2024, 22:31

Uzra Zeya: “One of challenges with reform agendas is translating aspirations into actions”

In an interview with, US under secretary of state for civilian security, democracy, and human rights Uzra Zeya spoke about priorities in the US-Uzbekistan relations, President Mirziyoyev’s reform agenda, and the importance of media and religious freedom.

“My duty as minister of ecology is to advocate for ban on coal and fuel oil,” claims Aziz Abdukhakimov
8 February 2024, 18:15

“My duty as minister of ecology is to advocate for ban on coal and fuel oil,” claims Aziz Abdukhakimov

Minister of Ecology of Uzbekistan Aziz Abdukhakimov asserted in an interview with his responsibility to advocate for the prohibition of coal and fuel oil, despite the forced conversion of greenhouses and social facilities to coal fuel. “People's support empowers us,” he stated.

“I reevaluated my feelings towards homeland.” Singer Laylo on her new song “Home”
28 January 2024, 18:30

“I reevaluated my feelings towards homeland.” Singer Laylo on her new song “Home”

Tashkent singer Laylo Rikhsiyeva (Laylo) released a music video titled “Home” on environmental issues in Uzbekistan. The video quickly went viral online. In an interview with, Laylo discussed the song’s creation, meaning in the video footage and her relation to the composer Yunus Rajabi.

Interview: Russia’s war against Ukraine — effect on migrants
16 January 2024, 09:17

Interview: Russia’s war against Ukraine — effect on migrants

Despite Russia’s war against Ukraine, no significant exodus of Central Asian migrants from Russia has been noticed. The reasons, risks and strategies for protecting citizens are discussed in an interview with Zeynal Hajiyev, head of the International Organization for Migration in Central Asia.

Exploring musical DNA: “To create something that was not there before.” Video interview with Lola Astanova
4 January 2024, 20:00

Exploring musical DNA: “To create something that was not there before.” Video interview with Lola Astanova

Pianist Lola Astanova shared her thoughts on social media popularity, success of Uzbeks abroad and desire to experiment with Uzbek national rhythms. “No matter how much we love classics, they’ve all been played,” she shared on the decision to create her own music in an interview with

'Investors want predictability and stability' — EBRD chief economist
18 May 2023, 18:11

'Investors want predictability and stability' — EBRD chief economist

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Chief Economist Beata Javorcik and Regional Economist Eric Livny told about the new threats to the economy, the successful strategies for attracting investment and the significance of public support for reform.

“Bygone Days” is a novel about the past to describe present as a warning to the future — Mark Reese
7 July 2021, 20:27

“Bygone Days” is a novel about the past to describe present as a warning to the future — Mark Reese

American scholar Mark Reese dedicated 15 years to translate Abdulla Kadiri’s novel “Bygone Days” into English. In an interview with he speaks about the difficulties of the translation, why the novel is more about the idea of reforms rather than a love story, and how the author wanted to show the problems of his society through the plot. He also shares his thoughts on Jadids and if their ideas are being translated into contemporary Uzbekistan.

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