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EU extends Generalized Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) for Uzbekistan until end of 2027
23 November 2023, 19:36

EU extends Generalized Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) for Uzbekistan until end of 2027

The EU decided to extend the GSP+ system of trade preferences for another four years. Uzbekistan, as a participant of the basic and then extended program, reached a four times increase in exports to the EU of €450 million by the end of 2022. MIIT expects the number to go up to $1 billion in 2023.

Uzbekistan increased gas exports to China in May, despite falling production
21 June 2023, 23:43

Uzbekistan increased gas exports to China in May, despite falling production

Uzbekistan increased its natural gas exports to China in May, with supplies rising to $78.16 million, almost double the amount exported in April. Despite this increase in exports, the country’s gas production continues to fall.

Uzbekistan resumes gas exports to China
25 May 2023, 22:29

Uzbekistan resumes gas exports to China

Uzbekistan resumed exporting natural gas to China after a three-month break. The volume of gas supplies in April amounted to $40.5 million.

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