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Largest suzani captures spotlight at “Suzani. A Story of an Embroiderer” exhibition in Riga
12 March 2024, 09:47

Largest suzani captures spotlight at “Suzani. A Story of an Embroiderer” exhibition in Riga

The exhibition “Suzani. A Story of an Embroiderer” opened at Art Museum RIGA BOURSE, featuring an 8-meter piece crafted over 3.5 years by Tashkent embroiderer Madina Kasimbaeva and her 15 colleagues, showcasing the meticulous process of suzani creation from sketch to completion.

'Power of Fragility': Tashkent hosts exhibitions of Ludviga Nesterovich and Tatyana Fadeyeva
22 November 2023, 09:10

'Power of Fragility': Tashkent hosts exhibitions of Ludviga Nesterovich and Tatyana Fadeyeva

Personal exhibitions of sculptor Ludviga Nesterovich and artist Tatyana Fadeyeva “Serene dreams” are held in Tashkent. Having opened five days apart, the exhibitions complement each other well. Both exhibitions push one to think of an art as a tool of self-discovery and self-expression.

'Courage and Empathy': exhibition of 1930s documentary photographs opens in Tashkent
13 November 2023, 14:14

'Courage and Empathy': exhibition of 1930s documentary photographs opens in Tashkent

Bonum Factum Gallery opened the exhibition “Courage and Empathy” about human freedom and equality. The exposition features documentary photographs by Swiss traveler Ella Maillart, who visited Central Asia in 1932, Uzbek photographers of the early 20th century, and works by contemporary artists.

Breaking silence: NeUyat exhibition in Tashkent sheds light on sexual abuse
8 November 2023, 11:46

Breaking silence: NeUyat exhibition in Tashkent sheds light on sexual abuse

NeUyat, the exhibition, a part of the eponymous festival aimed at breaking the culture of silence surrounding sexualized abuse, has opened in Tashkent. The main color of the exhibition is pink. The artists use it to highlight the way some in society perceive the issue they address as a social norm.

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