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Ukraine considers participation of CIS leaders in Victory Day parade as “an unfriendly act towards Ukraine”
10 May 2023, 14:47

Ukraine considers participation of CIS leaders in Victory Day parade as “an unfriendly act towards Ukraine”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called the participation of CIS leaders in the Victory Day parade in Moscow an “unfriendly act towards Ukraine,” whose people are “fighting for their survival and freedom.”

Samarkand and Tashkent designated as CIS Cultural and Youth capitals for 2024
14 April 2023, 18:56

Samarkand and Tashkent designated as CIS Cultural and Youth capitals for 2024

Foreign ministers from Central Asian countries and Russia convened in Samarkand, designating Samarkand as the CIS Cultural Capital and Tashkent as the Youth Capital for 2024. Additionally, a resolution was endorsed to establish a quadrennial Olympic event for children with disabilities.

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