On Wednesday, the Tashkent khokimiyat (regional governor’s office) addressed numerous media and social media reports regarding elevated levels of air pollution in the city.

The administration expressed gratitude to fellow citizens for their concern over “this extremely challenging issue” and for “participating in discussions sharing their thoughts and suggestions.”

To enhance the situation in the capital, the khokimiyat is formulating a comprehensive plan that encompasses measures such as “ensuring environmental stability, reducing household emissions into the air, improving the quality and quantity of the public transportation system, and establishing infrastructure prioritizing pedestrians and then public transportation,” the khokimiyat shared.

“The improvement of the environmental situation and safeguarding public health will require some challenging decisions. To prevent adverse consequences in the future, these decisions must be grounded in scientific research and analysis,” emphasized the city administration.

Currently, the khokimiyat has established working groups comprising both domestic and foreign specialists, each dedicated to specific areas. These groups, guided by analytical findings, are crafting presentations outlining practical, city-wide measures, the message reads.

“This presentation will be shared with the public soon,” the khokimiyat assured.

“Each of your opinions is important to us. Together we will find a solution to a problem of any complexity,” commented the Tashkent khokimiyat.

On the same morning, Gazeta.uz highlighted the absence of regular and widespread notifications to residents regarding air quality (Uzhydromet has been addressing this through its Telegram channel for the last month) and the publication of recommendations on how to behave in conditions of polluted air.