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President pardons 426 people, including 11 foreigners
8 April 2024, 19:48

President pardons 426 people, including 11 foreigners

Ahead of Ramadan Hayit (Eid al-Fitr), the president of Uzbekistan granted clemency to 426 individuals. Among them, 135 are fully released from their main sentences, while 200 are released on parole. 11 foreigners and three minors are among the pardoned.

541 people in Uzbekistan pardoned by presidential decree
23 April 2023, 15:54

541 people in Uzbekistan pardoned by presidential decree

Uzbek President granted pardons to 541 people who demonstrated sincere repentance and commitment to amending their ways. Among them 36 foreign citizens, 136 women and 75 men over 60 years old. The decree calls for their reintegration into society, with support from relevant ministries and agencies.

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