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Uzbekistan bans activities of foreign political parties
5 July 2024, 16:33

Uzbekistan bans activities of foreign political parties

President of Uzbekistan signed an amendment to the law “On political parties” prohibiting creation and operation of political parties of foreign states and their branches on the country’s territory.

“Parliamentary diplomacy should be crucial in conflict prevention,” says chairperson of Uzbekistan’s Senate
25 March 2024, 18:36

“Parliamentary diplomacy should be crucial in conflict prevention,” says chairperson of Uzbekistan’s Senate

At the 148th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in Geneva, head of the Senate of Uzbekistan Tanzila Narbayeva, noted that parliamentarians should contribute to strengthening peace and global stability through parliamentary diplomacy, as well as actively protect the rights of vulnerable groups.

Uzbekistani deputies adopt amendments to penalize publication of photos and videos of law enforcement officers “aimed to discredit them”
28 November 2023, 19:44

Uzbekistani deputies adopt amendments to penalize publication of photos and videos of law enforcement officers “aimed to discredit them”

The Legislative Chamber of Uzbekistan adopted a law to improve the road traffic safety system. It included a clause on penalty for online publication of photos and videos of law enforcement officers “for the purpose of discrediting.” Only one deputy publicly opposed it and pointed out the risks.

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