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Japan to provide Uzbekistan with four more mobile medical containers worth about $6.26 million
3 July 2024, 10:39

Japan to provide Uzbekistan with four more mobile medical containers worth about $6.26 million

Japan will grant to Uzbekistan four additional medical mobile containers valued at over $6 million. These containers are equipped with CT scanners, ultrasound machines, X-ray devices and other medical equipment, and can be deployed at remote districts, including during emergencies.

Japan to loan Uzbekistan $246.2 million to continue economic reforms
20 February 2024, 12:28

Japan to loan Uzbekistan $246.2 million to continue economic reforms

Uzbekistan will receive from Japan a loan worth over $246.2 million to support economic reforms and socially vulnerable groups.

Japan imposes sanctions on two companies from Uzbekistan
15 December 2023, 12:16

Japan imposes sanctions on two companies from Uzbekistan

Two companies from Uzbekistan, Alfa Beta Creative and GFK Logistics Asia, were included in Japan’s sanctions list. Prior to this, both the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions against them.

Abdulaziz Kamilov receives Japanese Imperial Order of Japan
8 November 2023, 17:27

Abdulaziz Kamilov receives Japanese Imperial Order of Japan

Emperor Naruhito of Japan handed the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov one of the highest awards of Japan: the Order of the Rising Sun.

G7 foreign ministers to cooperate on Central Asian challenges
18 April 2023, 20:15

G7 foreign ministers to cooperate on Central Asian challenges

The Group of Seven (G7) foreign ministers have committed to collaborating on Central Asian challenges, such as the fallout from Russia’s aggression, Afghanistan’s destabilization, and food and energy insecurity, among other issues at their recent meeting in Japan.

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