Vitaliy Vasilyevich Fen, who headed Uzbekistan’s diplomatic mission in Seoul for 25 years, passed away at the age of 76, as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Uzbekistan.

“Vitaliy Fen was an outstanding statesperson, a master of sports, and a professional diplomat who devoted his entire life to serving the Motherland,” the ministry noted.

The MFA noted the diplomat’s enormous contribution to the development of cooperation between Uzbekistan and South Korea: “His many years of activity have left an indelible trace in strengthening Uzbek-South Korean ties.”

In 2005, Vitaliy Fen was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Seoul.

Recently, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol undertook a state visit to Uzbekistan. Vitaliy Fen actively participated in the preparations and was in Uzbekistan during the visit.

Vitaliy Fen will be laid in Fergana city following Islamic traditions, the MFA’s Dunyo information agency reported.


Vitaliy Fen was born in the Tashkent region in 1947. He graduated from the Fergana State Pedagogical Institute in 1973. In 1966−1967, he served in the army.

In 1975−1981, he served as head of the higher sports school in Fergana. In 1981−1983, he worked as chairperson of the Physical Education and Sports Committee of the Fergana region. In 1983−1989, he assumed the position of deputy chairperson of the State Committee of Physical Education and Sports of Uzbekistan. In 1989−1995, he worked as deputy hokim (deputy governor) of the Fergana region.

In 1995−1999, he served as charge d’affaires of Uzbekistan in South Korea. In 1999−2013, he worked as ambassador of Uzbekistan to South Korea. In 2017, he resumed the position of ambassador to Seoul.