On April 17, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev received a presentation outlining proposals designed to bolster food production industries in Uzbekistan.

In 2022, Uzbekistan saw the implementation of 1,400 livestock projects, with cattle numbers reaching 14 million and sheep and goats totaling 24 million. Around 1,300 poultry farms were established, leading to a 4% increase in egg production and a 28% surge in meat production. In the fish-farming sector, 290 projects were executed, resulting in a harvest of 502,000 tons of fish. Additionally, 27,000 tons of honey were produced during this period.

At the same time, in these sectors there are a number of problems associated with a lack of fodder, land and working capital, the press service of the President said.

In 2023, the creation of new dairy farms across various provinces is planned, supported by a $10 million grant from the International Fund for Agricultural Development, according to Bakhrom Norkobilov, the Chairman of the Committee for Veterinary and Livestock Development. Each facility will collaborate with a minimum of 100 households to procure milk.

Prices for milk, other dairy products and eggs rose 20.2% on average in the past 12 months, according to the Statistics Agency.

Plans are in place for the clusters to establish 64 livestock complexes. Utilizing funds from the World Bank, they will initiate the labeling and identification of livestock.

Uzbekistan’s Reconstruction and Development Fund (the nation’s sovereign fund) has been directed to allocate $35 million for the provision of fodder and working capital to poultry farms. The Parrandasanoat association will oversee the efficient utilization of these loans.

In addition, there are plans to increase subsidies for imports of breeding chickens. As a result of the above measures, poultry meat production is expected to increase to 800,000 tonnes per year.

Moreover, natural water bodies designated for fish farming will be leased through online auctions. A total of 241 industry projects are anticipated, including commercial shrimp farming. Under the state program “Every Family is an Entrepreneur,” unsecured loans of up to 50 million soums will be allocated for fish breeding projects. This year, the fish harvest is expected to reach 850,000 tons.

The head of the state stressed that natural water bodies and rivers must be used, in addition to fishing, as centres of ecotourism that can attract local and foreign tourists.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructed to expand work on pollination of crops by bees. Measures have been identified to place beehives on the edges of 50,000 hectares of orchards and 200,000 hectares of fields and create conditions and incentives for the population to engage in beekeeping.