Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a USD 120 million loan to improve access to safe, reliable water supply services for over 260,000 inhabitants in Kibray and Zangiota districts of Tashkent region, the bank said.

“Much of the water supply infrastructure in Tashkent [region] has deteriorated and needs extensive rehabilitation, resulting in unreliable services, leakage losses and high water pollution risk,” ADB’s principal urban development specialist with the Central and West Asia Department Hao Zhang said. “The project will significantly reduce time and money spent by households and businesses to access water and brings about improved living standards, especially in rural settlements.”

The project will revitalize the water supply system by upgrading existing water supply networks, providing potable water treatment services, rehabilitating water distribution network, and improving the financial, operational, and system management in Kibray and Zangiota districts in Tashkent region.

Located adjacent to the Uzbek capital, Kibray and Zangiota contribute substantially to the province’s economic growth and to strengthen its urban-rural linkages. Both districts have considerable expansion potential in the agro-industrial and textile industries. Zangiota is also identified as a possible location for a future special industrial zone, the ADB said.

Since Uzbekistan joined ADB in 1995, the country has received USD 5.1 billion in loans and USD 64.9 million in technical assistance grants.