Uzbekistan Airways, National Air Company of Uzbekistan, received second Boeing 787−8 Dreamliner airplane. The new aircraft landed at Tashkent airport at 11:30 am on Saturday, fulfilling a 12-hour non-stop flight from Seattle.

The plane was piloted by Uzbekistan Airways crew, which included pilot instructor Andrei Tyan, copilot Yury Gorkov and the company’s chief air navigator Stanislav Gurfinkel.

Deputy director general Gennady Harlap and deputy directors of Uzbekistan Airways Technics enterprise Andrei Margachev and Valery Kosov received the liner at the Boeing factory in Everett.

“Beginning of operation of Boeing 787 starts a new era in the civil aviation of Uzbekistan and in serving our customers,” Uzbekistan Airways director general Valery Tyan said at a briefing in the airport. “At the same time, this imposes more responsibility on our staff.”

In September, during the visit to Tashkent of Boeing Commercial Airplanes president Raymond Conner, Uzbekistan Airways and Boeing reached an agreement to purchase three more Dreamliners (787−9).

Uzbekistan Airways started commercial operation of Boeing 787 on 5 September, with first international flight made to Almaty on 9 September. Currently, the plane is used on routes to Dubai, Delhi, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Almaty, Moscow and other cities.

With second Dreamliner, Uzbekistan Airways is planning to launch flights to a number of other countries. In particular, according to Valery Tyan, the company will start non-stop flights to New York next year.